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Aug 25 2014


So we got these leaflets for the South East of England to vote Conservative in the upcoming election. I decided to make them into something a lot more useful.

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Aug 23 2014
Posts of our Fathers

Posts of our Fathers

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Aug 13 2014

Pendle Hill - taken one day apart

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Aug 10 2014



(With a tip of the hat to thestudentofcoffee, who reminded me of the passage)

ETA from DWCON: let’s push this over the 100,000 reblog mark so Rob can show it to Terry. :)

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Aug 03 2014


Aug 02 2014
Jul 30 2014
Jul 24 2014


So, Peter Jackson is going to direct a two part Dr Who episode. Bet it ends up three!

Three two and a half hour episodes.

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Jul 22 2014
Flyiing Ant day

Flyiing Ant day

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